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Who is Infotrend

Infotrend Solutions Ltd is an international payment gateway operating from Cyprus providing merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe. We are passionate about making payment processing simple, user friendly and accessible to everyone.

We work with start-up to large-sized online merchants from both low-risk and high-risk industries, aswell as with banks, payment systems, and other major market players. Our payment services are available globally without borders.

We strive to work in partnership with our clients - to understand their businesses, aspirations and what is uniquely important to payment processing and operations.

nfotrend Solutions Ltd offers the ultimate coverage of payment solutions under one gateway hub through widerange of global and local payment solutions available on the market, through a simple API plugin.

Infotrend Solutions Ltd acquiring network is spread across to Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. We provide direct and generic MIDs while all settlements are handled by the acquirers directly with daily, weekly, monthly schedules available


What Our Agency Provides

  • Global Coverage

    We provide credit card processing services to e-Commerce merchants, enabling online payments in any currency via a variety of bank cards from anywhere in the world.

  • Easy Integration

    Our API provides the most flexible and straight forward implementation. We’ve designed our API to be intuitive and fast to implement regardless if you are an experienced developer or a merchant. You can access all our e-Commerce products through a single API. Our platform is designed to offer real-time insight into transactions activity for both merchants and agents

  • Risk Management

    Infotrend Solutions Ltd risk management system operates on the basis of artificial intelligenceto score transactions across multiple variables, negating fraudulent activity in real- time.

  • Virtual Terminal

    With the Virtual Terminal Solution, you can readily accept card payments by phone, fax or by mail. An intelligent solution that offers everything you need in a single contact with your customers

  • Alternative Payment Methods

    Infotrend Solutions Ltd’s processing solutions include a variety of Alternative Payment Methods based on the merchant’s business requirements and target markets. Asa merchant it is vital to offer various payment methods in order to meet the payment needs of clients worldwide and increase your market reach.

  • Dedicated Merchant Account Manager

    We take an individual approach to each client’s business needs and take care of each merchant account throughout its journey with Infotrend Solutions Ltd. Our Merchant Account Managers assist merchants 24/7/365, whether that is technical supportor chargeback management.

  • Competitive & Transparent Pricing

    Infotrend Solutions Ltd offers competitive pricing and rates, making it easier for merchants tobe competitive. Our processing rates are defined based on your business model requirements, current gross turnover and risk exposure.

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We work with medium and large eCommerce merchants looking to improve efficiencies, streamlinethe payment journey, and broaden their business horizons by entering new markets

Below are the main industries we deal with however those not mentioned are reviewed on case- by case basis.

Online Gaming & Gambling Forex Merchant Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Travel and Tourism Francisco Chang Credit Repair and Debt Management
CBD/Vape merchants Financial Firms Events and Tickets
Money Remittance Health and Wellness Products Online Retail firms
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